Ingesting with Cloudera DataFlow - Italian

28 hours
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Classroom or Live Virtual Class
Classroom or Live Virtual Class


One of the most critical functions of a data-driven enterprise is the ability to manage ingest and data flow across complex ecosystems. Does your team have the tools and skill sets to succeed at this?

Apache NiFi and this course provide the fundamental concepts and experience necessary to automate the ingress, flow, transformation, and egress of data using NiFi. The course also covers tuning, troubleshooting, and monitoring the dataflow process as well as how to integrate a dataflow within the Cloudera CDP Hybrid ecosystem and external systems.

Audience and prerequisites

This course is designed for developers, data engineers, administrators, and others with an interest in learning NiFi’s innovative no-code, graphical approach to data ingest. Although programming experience is not required, basic experience with Linux is presumed, and previous exposure to big data concepts and applications is helpful.


Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Define, configure, organize, and manage dataflows
  • Transform and trace data as it flows to its destination
  • Track changes to dataflows with NiFi Registry
  • Use the NiFi Expression Language to control dataflows
  • Optimize dataflows for better performance and maintainability
  • Connect dataflows with other systems, such as Apache Kafka, Apache Hive, and HDFS
  • Utilize the Data Flow Service


Introduction to Cloudera Flow Management

  • Overview of Cloudera Data-in-Motion
  • The NiFi User Interface
  • DataFlow Catalog
  • ReadyFlows
  • Instructor-Led Demo: NiFi User Interface
  • Hands-On Exercise: Build Your First Dataflow


  • Overview of Processors
  • Processor Surface Panel
  • Processor Configuration
  • Hands-On Exercise: Start Building a Dataflow Using Processors


  • Overview of Connections
  • Connection Configuration
  • Connector Context Menu
  • Hands-On Exercise: Connect Processors in a Dataflow


  • Command and Control of a Dataflow
  • Processor Relationships
  • Back Pressure
  • Prioritizers
  • Labels
  • Hands-On Exercise: Build a More Complex Dataflow
  • Hands-On Exercise: Creating a Fork Using Relationships
  • Hands-On Exercise: Set Back Pressure Thresholds

Process Groups

  • Anatomy of Process Group
  • Input and Output Ports
  • Hands-On Exercise: Simplify Dataflows Using Process Groups

FlowFile Provenance

  • Data Provenance Events
  • FlowFile Lineage
  • Replaying a FlowFile
  • Hands-On Exercise: Using Data Provenance


  • Parameter Contexts
  • Referencing Parameters
  • Managing Parameters
  • Migrating from Variables
  • Hands-On Exercise: Creating, Using, and Managing Parameters

Flow Definitions and Templates

  • Flow Definition Overview
  • Creating a Flow Definition
  • Importing and Deploying a Flow
  • Using (migrating from) Templates
  • Hands-On Exercise: Creating, Using, and Managing Flow Definitions

 Apache NiFi Registry

  • Apache NiFi Registry Overview
  • Using the Registry
  • Hands-On Exercise: Versioning Flows Using NiFi Registry

FlowFile Attributes

  • FlowFile Attribute Overview
  • Routing on Attributes
  • Hands-On Exercise: Working with FlowFile Attributes

NiFi Expression Language

  • NiFi Expression Language Overview
  • Syntax
  • Expression Language Editor
  • Setting Conditional Values
  • Hands-On Exercise: Using the NiFi Expression Language

Controller Services

  • Controller Services Overview
  • Common Controller Services
  • Hands-On Exercise: Adding Apache Hive Controller

Record-based Components

  • Record-oriented data
  • Record-based Processors
  • Avro Schema Registry
  • Schema Format

Reading and Writing Record Data

  • Querying Record Data
  • QueryRecord Processor
  • Writing Record Data
  • Hands-On Exercise: TBD (Creating a function to read and write data?)

Enriching Record Data

  • ETL Operations
  • Split and Join Processor
  • Update Record Processors
  • Wait and Notify Processors

NiFi Architecture Overview

  • NiFi Architecture Overview
  • Public Cloud Architecture
  • Private Cloud Architecture

DataFlow Functions

  • Overview
  • Serverless functions
  • Demo: Deploying a Flow Definition as a Function

Dataflow Optimization

  • Dataflow Optimization
  • Control Rate
  • Managing Compute
  • Hands-On Exercise: Building an Optimized Dataflow

 Monitoring, Reporting, and Troubleshooting

  • Monitoring from NiFi
  • Reporting
  • Examples of Common Reporting Tasks
  • Hands-On Exercise: Monitoring and Reporting

NiFi Security

  • NiFi Security Overview
  • Securing Access to the NiFi UI
  • Metadata Management

Integrating NiFi

  • NiFi Integration Architecture
  • Available ReadyFlows
  • A Closer Look at NiFi and Apache Hive

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