Chef Test-Driven Cookbook Development - Virtual English

6 hours
495,00 €
Live Virtual Class
Live Virtual Class


Chef is a powerful automation platform that transforms complex infrastructure into code, bringing your servers and services to life. Whether you’re operating in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid, Chef automates how applications are configured, deployed, and managed across your network, no matter its size.

Test Driven Cookbook Development is a comprehensive course exploring Test-driven development (TDD) through explanation, demonstration, practice, and discussion.

Building cookbooks with tests will increase the speed at which you work by giving you consistent feedback throughout the entire cookbook development process.

PUE is Chef Official Training Partner, authorized by Chef to deliver official training in Chef technologies.

Furthermore, PUE is accredited and recognized to offer consulting and mentoring services on the implementation of Chef solutions for business environment with the consequent added value in the practical and business knowledge delivered in their official courses.

Audience and prerequisites

This class is most suitable for people who have completed Chef Fundamentals or Essentials or are comfortable with the topics covered in Essentials. Students in this class must have some familiarity and comfort with the following:

  • Writing code (of just about any flavor) in a text editor
  • Working on the command line
  • Basic system administration – installing packages, configuring those packages, starting service
  • Completion of Chef Fundamentals or Essentials is recommended


Participants will learn how to confidently create and extend a cookbook using Foodcritic, Rubocop, ChefSpec, and ServerSpec. At the end of the course, learners will have created a code repository that can reviewed and applied to solve real business problems.


  1. Introduction
  2. Integration Testing
  3. Using and Configuring Foodcritic
  4. Using and Configuring Rubocop
  5. Refactoring Cookbooks with Tests
  6. Faster Feedback with Unit Testing
  7. Testing Resources in Recipes
  8. Testing while Refactoring to Attributes
  9. Testing while Refactoring to

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