Google Cloud

Preparing for the Associate Cloud Engineer Examination

7 hours
450,00 €
Classroom or Live Virtual Class
Classroom or Live Virtual Class


This course helps prospective candidates structure their preparation for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam.

The session will cover the structure and format of the examination, as well as its relationship to other Google Cloud certifications. Through lectures, demos and hands-on labs, candidates will familiarize themselves with the domains covered by the examination.

An Associate Cloud Engineer deploys applications, monitors operations, and manages enterprise solutions. With a shortage of cloud expertise in the job market, one which is projected to last for the next several years, Google Cloud certifications can be a way to differentiate yourself from the rest and prove you have not only the technical knowledge, but the skills required to do the job.

This course by itself will not prepare a candidate to pass the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. It will, however, help the candidate better understand the areas covered by the exam and navigate the recommended resources provided by Google and Qwiklabs for preparing to take the exam, so they can formulate their own personal study plan.

Audience and prerequisites

This course is intended for the following: Individuals preparing for the Associate Cloud Engineer examination.


To get the most of out of this course, participants should have:


The main objectives of this course are specified below:

  • Provide information, tips, and advice on taking the exam
  • In-depth review of sample case studies
  • Review each section of the exam covering highest-level concepts sufficient to build confidence in what is known by the candidate
  • Indicate skill gaps/areas of study if not known by the candidate
  • Connect candidates to appropriate target learning


Module 1: Understanding the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

  • Position the Associate Cloud Engineer certification among the offerings
  • Distinguish between Associate and Professional
  • Provide guidance between Professional Cloud Architect and Associate Cloud Engineer
  • Describe how the exam is administered and the exam rules
  • Provide general advice about taking the exam

Module 2: About the Associate Cloud Engineer Certification

  • About GCP certification
  • Devising a study strategy

Module 3: Setting up a cloud solution environment

  • About cloud projects and accounts
  • Billing management overview
  • Command line interface
  • Lab Intro

Module 4: Planning and configuring a cloud solution

  • Budgeting and planning with the Pricing Calculator
  • Pricing Calculator demo
  • Planning and configuring compute resources
  • Planning and configuring data storage
  • Planning and configuring network resources
  • Lab Intro: Set Up Network and HTTP Load Balancers

Module 5: Next Steps

  • Identify Instructor Led Training courses and what they cover that will be helpful based on skills that might be on the exam
  • Review/feedback of course

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