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In this article we tell you the benefits of stopping working with relational databases and starting developing in NoSQL.

Why “Not Only SQL”?

NoSQL databases are born with the need to respond to the exponential growth of the Internet and the rise of web applications. In this context, companies must innovate faster than ever before and create agile and flexible developments that allow them to operate at any scale.

Created to eliminate the limitations of relational databases, companies are adopting NoSQL in response to the challenges and technical requirements of these 5 mega-trends of the digital economy:

  • BIG USERS: more and more consumers are online.
  • BIG DATA: increasingly larger Big Data environments.
  • INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT): internet connects everything.
  • CLOUD COMPUTING: applications are moving to the cloud.
  • MOBILE APPS: offline, without being connected to the network.



Couchbase, the most powerful NoSQL data platform on the market

Couchbase has been consolidated in recent years as one of the leading NoSQL Databases in the market, being used by developers around the world to build company web, mobile and Internet of Things applications that support massive volumes of data in real time.

Why is Couchbase the best NoSQL solution? The manufacturer offers better performance, scalability, more agile and flexible development, high availability and cost savings compared to other NoSQL databases and other relational databases.

Couchbase is today the best and most robust NoSQL enterprise-level solution, growing 2 to 4 times faster than other databases on the market.


Couchbase partner

PUE is the only Official Training Partner of Couchbase authorized to provide official training in Couchbase NoSQL technologies.

We are also accredited and recognized to carry out consulting and mentoring services in the implementation of Couchbase solutions in the business field, providing an added value of the practical and business knowledge approach that is translated in the official courses of the manufacturer.



Couchbase Official Courses – Starting September
  • Couchbase NoSQL Server Administration – CS300
    PUE Madrid | Sep 18 – 21, 2017 (8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.)
    Learn how to deploy and manage a Couchbase server cluster for the main use cases and workloads in NoSQL databases; To perform performance tests and all the tasks necessary for the administration and management of the nodes, including Backup and Recovery topics.

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