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The American company, created in 2017, provides companies with a single point of access to information, allowing them to approach data quickly and securely.

Large corporations have a wide variety of data sources, in different locations and formats, which means that most BI analysts, Data Scientists and ML/AI experts do not have direct access to the data they need. Usually, in order to analyze all this data, a Data Warehouse is used, but this presents some disadvantages:

  • They are expensive to build and maintain. 
  • The ETL pipelines required to migrate data are very high. 
  • Source data must be accumulated ahead of time, which means delays in the process. 
  • Large investments are required in infrastructure/structures that may become obsolete over time. 
  • The data is stored in the format provided by the vendor, so the independent management/autonomy of the data disappears.

PUE, in its commitment to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of each sector, customer and use case, has signed a joint agreement with Starburst.

The U.S. company, which emerged in 2017 and has more than 600 employees around the world, has created an Enterprise version of the open source Trino software which provides companies with a single point of access to information, and allows professionals to access data quickly and securely.

With this partnership, PUE has become a pioneer in bringing Starburst technology to the Spanish market.

The fastest path from data to insight

This new partnership with Starburst is an important milestone for PUE as it adds a new technology solution that will enable data to be analyzed much more efficiently. With this technology, organizations can make decisions faster, as it provides a single point of access to all data, wherever they are. The benefits that come from this are:

  • 90% reduction in decision-making time. 
  • 2% increase in turnover. 
  • More effective use of resources, reducing data analysis costs by up to 53%. 
  • Minimization of business risks.


PUE helps organizations through our consulting services, performing a complete analysis of the situation in order to get the most out of the tool.  We also have the technical capacity to perform proper installation, configuration, tuning, administration (security, etc.), integration.

Having Starburst in our portfolio is truly an opportunity. From now on, we will be able to cross-reference and analyze data directly from different sources, reducing loading processes and duplication of information without sacrificing performance. This opens the door to the creation of new use cases, allowing us to improve the service we provide to our customers in their data-driven processes”. Sergio Rodríguez de Guzmán. CTO | PUE

“We are very grateful to welcome PUE into our partner network. Their high technical skills will help clients in their data driven process and will shorten and accelerate the process of data analysis and understanding.” Xavier Chabannes. South EMEA Partnership Manager | Starburst

About PUE

PUE is a technology company specializing in cloud or hybrid data processing, with a 100% certified technical team and projects across EMEA. It offers Data Centric solutions for organizations to obtain valuable information for their business, covering the entire lifecycle of a Data Project: Architecture / Infrastructure Design and Modernization | Use Case Development | Platform Support and Maintenance | Migrations and Upgrades | Training and Certification.

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