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PUE reaches the Strategic level within the Cloudera Partner Network (CPN), the next generation of the Cloudera Partner Program.

PUE’s recent distinction as a Cloudera Strategic Partner once again positions it as one of the companies with the greatest potential in the technology sector, strengthening its expertise in Data and Cloud solutions.

Thanks to the solutions provided, specializations and its commitment to a 100% certified team, and more, PUE finds itself in the highest level of Cloudera’s partner program. A category that means full and exclusive access to a series of benefits for PUE and, therefore, for its customers.

Strategic Partner Cloudera_PUE

From left to right: Sergio Rodríguez de Guzmán, CTO | PUE; Rebeca Campos, Alliance Manager | PUE; Frèderique Limousin, Partner Manager | Cloudera; and Lucía Ferrer, CRO | PUE

“We would like to thank PUE, with this well-deserved recognition, for their confidence in Cloudera. We would also like to highlight their solid technical experience and expertise in the entire data lifecycle. PUE not only provides the necessary skills but also has a 100% certified team, proof of its commitment to excellence and know-how”. Frèderique Limousin, Partner Manager, Cloudera.

“Getting to this point has been an exciting journey that we have made, hand in hand with Cloudera, practically from the beginning. Reaching the highest level of its new partner program is, for PUE, the best recognition of our effort, passion for technology and commitment to specialization. Our most sincere thanks for continuing to support us in this great adventure to make PUE a reference point in Data”. Lucía Ferrer, CRO | PUE.

PUE and Cloudera, a successful tandem

Our long history of association with Cloudera has been based, since the beginning, on a deep understanding of its technology, with adaptive services and expertise in solving technical problems and meeting challenges.

A partnership of great importance for the current data transformation taking place in the market, which has accrued great achievements and milestones:

PUE takes your data strategy to the next level

PUE covers the entire technical scale to offer successful quality of service in data projects. From Data Science to Data Engineering and DataOps, managing any type of data, in any environment (whether Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premise).

PUE Services

In order to provide solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client and use case, it is essential to know and understand the challenges of each sector. A 100% certified team that provides intrinsic knowledge in all projects is one of the keys to excellence in the projects we carry out at PUE.



If you decide to start an innovative project, transformation and modernization, process improvement, growth or creation of new lines of business, contact

The power of data is unlimited, and PUE can take your data strategy to the next level.