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In 2023, PUE has trained over 1.000 students with an average quality rating registered in Scrum Manager exceeding 9.5

Scrum Manager Platinum Partner 2023

PUE, a leading company in technology training and consultancy, has once again secured its title as Scrum Manager Platinum & Best Partner 2023 worldwide, for the second consecutive year. This recognition is granted to training centers demonstrating a high level of quality and commitment to professional training in agile methodologies.

Recognition for Excellence

Scrum Manager, a global reference in training and certifying professionals in agile methodologies, has acknowledged PUE as its top partner worldwide.

Scrum Manager currently has over 50 training centers worldwide, among which PUE has stood out again in the number of students trained and their evaluation of the received training:

  • Scrum Manager Excellence in training 2023In 2023 only, PUE has trained +1,000 trainees with a quality rating of 9.8 out of 10.
  • Additionally, Pio Puig, an instructor at PUE, has reaffirmed his strong commitment and excellent level of quality as a trainer with the ‘Excellence in Training 2023’ award (average student score of 9.7 out of 10).

The recognition as Scrum Manager Platinum & Best Partner 2023 reflects PUE’s commitment to excellence in training and certifying professionals in technical education and cross-functional skills such as agile or project management.

The company holds extensive experience in the sector and offers high-quality training preparing students for the challenges of the current job market.


PUE y Scrum Manager, a Successful Collaboration 

“From Scrum Manager, we want to express our congratulations and recognition to PUE for their effort in achieving excellence in Agile training. This distinction shows not only the exceptional level of quality achieved by the students but also the number of courses delivered and students trained. It’s a testament to PUE’s leadership and experience, for which we thank their contribution in disseminating and evolving agile methodologies.

Juan Palacio Bañeres, Founder| Scrum Manager

“Receiving, for the second consecutive year and exclusively, the highest recognition from the Scrum Manager partner program fills us with pride. At PUE, we are committed to continuing to lead the forefront in promoting key cross-functional skills today, strengthening our partnership with Scrum Manager to reach new horizons.” 

Elena Jaén, Business Development & Training Director | PUE

PUE and Scrum Manager aim to continue strengthening this partnership and achieving new milestones together.

The Importance of Agile Training in the Current Job Market

In today’s job market, agile methodologies are gaining increasing prominence, enabling companies to develop products and services more quickly, flexibly, and adaptively to changes.

Hence, agile training is a fundamental tool for professionals to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to work in agile environments.

PUE has the support of an extensive network of partners and a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals. If you want to train in agile methodologies with the best professionals and obtain high-quality training, reach all your potential!