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PUE celebrated its recognition as a Cloudera Platinum Partner. Find out all the details of PUE’s celebration of its recognition as a Cloudera Platinum Partner:

To have achieved the highest category in the partner program of the world leader in Big Data technology is such a great success that it deserved to be celebrated in a very special way. Additionally, we couldn’t think of a more ideal occasion to resume our face-to-face events.  

Cloudera platinum partner

This recognition is our reward for many years of work, effort, successful Big Data projects, satisfied customers and our commitment to an expert, 100% certified team. Being a Cloudera Platinum Partner gives us at PUE great pride, and on October 30th, we wanted to celebrate it in the best possible way. With clients, with partners, with our staff and, of course, with Cloudera. 

This is how we celebrated:

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The PUE management team dedicated a few words to those present. Both the speech of Javier Domínguez, CEO, and those of Lucía Ferrer, Chief Revenue Officer, and Sergio Rodríguez de Guzmán, CTO, had a common denominator: gratitude, satisfaction, and appreciation for the mutual commitment between PUE and Cloudera. As stated by J. Domínguez: “Our commitment to Cloudera is also Platinum.”


“Our commitment to Cloudera is also Platinum”
Javier Domínguez

There were special mentions by all three of them of the PUE team as the great architect of the achievement, the clients, and Cloudera for trusting in them from the start, 6 years ago.

“Being the first company in Spain, and the second in Europe, to achieve the status of a Cloudera Platinum Partner says something about the vision, size, and current scope of PUE. Years ago, Gold recognition prompted a major change in the company. Platinum will signify a further, significant evolution for PUE as a reference in Big Data technology”; this is how J. Domínguez highlighted the importance of this milestone for the company. 

L. Ferrer told us the story of the beginnings of the relationship between PUE and Cloudera.

Romain Picard Cloudera

“A story of brave people,” she explained. “Brave clients who believed in us when we were starting out and who saw in PUE a partner that could help them with a specialized, quality service. Cloudera which, with its courage, trusted in us when there were only 6 of us in the company. And those 6 brave people who believed in the PUE project blindly”.

The philosophy of challenge and continuous improvement and a passion for technology were some of the aspects that S. Rodríguez de Guzmán wanted to highlight about the day-to-day of the PUE team. And, of course, he thanked everyone for their commitment: staff, partners, and clients, to a niche company that believes in technology but, above all, in specialization. Sergio ended his speech with some emotional words for Cloudera: “It is a pleasure to do this journey with Cloudera. All these years, because we have been working a lot of years with you. We believe in technology, we believe in you, you believe in us, so we will be successful in this journey.” 

The evening was attended and participated in by Romain Picard, Vice President EMEA of Cloudera, who congratulated PUE, highlighting the value of having achieved Platinum status; it’s not easy, he explained, to find partners that provide continuity, skills, and ongoing training.

Trust, loyal, skilled, knowledgeable, and fun,” were attributes that Romain and the Cloudera team highlighted about PUE. 

Cloudera’s V.P. praised how easy it had been to go through 6 years of collaboration with PUE in which Cloudera had undergone a transformation towards a 100% customer-centric philosophy, where the focus is not so much on the technology itself but on understanding the needs of each customer, how they are using data, what their use cases are. 

One of our clients, PODO, an electricity, gas, and maintenance service marketing company in Spain, joined us during the Cloudera Platinum Party. In his speech, Alejandro Gómez, Head of Data, to whom we are very grateful for his presence, explained his experience with PUE since the creation of the company in 2016.

“We were created hand in hand,” he said. “Everything was to be done. We started with the installation of the cluster, the first algorithms for calculating consumption, the first inputting of distribution company files. We have achieved sustained customer growth by overcoming the challenges of the sector. This whole journey, with PUE, shows that the platform is scalable. We have doubled our customer base in just over two months. Everything we have done works. We are able to issue thousands of invoices in a single day. They take our problems on as their own, always ready to help, to find that agile, creative, quick solution we need. Even more so in a sector as regulated as ours, where you have to react very quickly”.
Alejandro Gómez, PODO’s Data Manager

Thank you all for being there with us. For trusting us. Thank you for supporting us in our quest to become the best data company in the world. Not so long ago, we started our journey in the world of data, and today we can say that we are a benchmark company in Big Data technology in EMEA.

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